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In my house, we have 28 different food items that have been eliminated. The biggest offenders being gluten, casein (protein found in dairy of all kind), soy, egg and garlic. Of all the foods… whoa. It is nearly impossible to find a variety of off the shelf products without these items! If you’re new to the elimination process, this is typically where panic sets in – but don’t let that happen! Face this new normal now, don’t require yourself to become an expert immediately, give yourself some grace when mistakes are made and never give up! You’re not alone… and these days, there are several great resources online to help you figure this out.

Our allergies falls inside the classic autoimmune elimination diet. The dairy and gluten elimination is extremely beneficial for those diagnosed with ADHD and Autism as well. I tell you this, b/c when we first started our journey – my favorite site to reference was the Talk About Curing Autism site. This site has everything from recipes, cooking tips (including substitutions!), handouts for teachers/coaches and tons more. I spent hours here creating a baseline (reference The Basic’s blog post for more baseline details). This link takes you right to the diet specific links.

Note: Casein is the protein found in dairy. If you see CF/GF (Casein Free/Gluten Free) you’re in the right place!

These sites target gluten, but dairy is often eliminated as well.  – General Mills sponsored  – great cookies! -she has a weekly meal planner posted every Monday  – you put in the allergy and it gives you recipes and the grocery list


Parents – if you’re working the elimination diet for or with your kids – please! please! please! make them an active participant in the journey. It’s so important that the kids understand impacts of bad food from the beginning… otherwise you’re fighting the battle alone. You are certain to hit many emotional barriers, both yours and your children. Talking through success and failures, what works and what doesn’t with your kidos is so critical to adoption. Children, even as young as kindergarten, need to be involved. Again – this is hard… but I assure you, we had good success with this path. And our approach to family problem solving is so much stronger!

This feels awful now… but I PROMISE, in a few short months it will be an old shoe.

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