Fresh Avocado Salsa

I can remember the first time I saw an avocado. My 10-year-old self was repulsed by the creamy green visual. I scoffed and asked – “who would eat that, on purpose?” Uhhh… ME! (several years later) There are countless ways to eat an avocado – but this chunky avocado salsa has become my go to … More Fresh Avocado Salsa

Actions & Rewards

Have you committed to something, made a plan then never started? You’re not alone! There are countless reasons why this happens… each reason unique to the person. But what I’ve found is in addition to setting up my plan, including where the tough spots or potential failures will occur, establishing little rewards along the way … More Actions & Rewards

Tasty Bone Broth

After being introduced to home-made bone broth by a friend many years ago, it quickly became my go to for soup and chili base, rice, quinoa and any other dish that calls for broth or water. Bone Broth is a simple, cheap and easy to customize staple in homes across every culture and over every … More Tasty Bone Broth

Core Nutrition

In our increasingly fast paced world where work, school, sports, church and countless other commitments fill majority of our waking hours – its no wonder why folks increasingly turn to fast, processed or all in one meals. This new normal is causing more problems than we may even understand. Check out this video blog post … More Core Nutrition

Curry Up And Try This!

Just before my husband, Erik, and I started dating, he was privileged to have spent several months living in Southern India teaching a Swamiji conversational English through experiencing day to day life together. This Swamiji is a religious leader who truly set aside all worldly pursuits devoting himself completely to highest spiritual realization and service … More Curry Up And Try This!

Shaklee Powered

One beautiful late summer afternoon, I was looking for a challenge and decided to convince my husband that running a marathon together would be loads of fun. For some crazy reason, he agreed and before we could change our minds – we found a spring race and signed up. Since that day, we have often times wondered … More Shaklee Powered