6 Quick Tips to Set Goals and Achieve Dreams

Having dreams and setting goals has provided a positive outlet throughout my life. Its helped me look past tough situation, conquer fear and prove to my self that strength comes from within. But my favorite part of dreaming… is looking at the person I become in order to achieve my goal… that’s the real benefit! Having … More 6 Quick Tips to Set Goals and Achieve Dreams

6 Ways to Manage Stress – Naturally

Stress is a natural part of life. Although these days – in a world with long commutes, increasing work load, financial worries and countless family obligations – stress is a daily visitor. And if you have lived with diet restrictions (dairy, gluten, soy, vegan, vegetarian, paleo or anything else), heck – if you’ve considered switching … More 6 Ways to Manage Stress – Naturally

Actions & Rewards

Have you committed to something, made a plan then never started? You’re not alone! There are countless reasons why this happens… each reason unique to the person. But what I’ve found is in addition to setting up my plan, including where the tough spots or potential failures will occur, establishing little rewards along the way … More Actions & Rewards

Core Nutrition

In our increasingly fast paced world where work, school, sports, church and countless other commitments fill majority of our waking hours – its no wonder why folks increasingly turn to fast, processed or all in one meals. This new normal is causing more problems than we may even understand. Check out this video blog post … More Core Nutrition

Pre Workout Fuel

When running or working out longer than 45 minutes, pre-workout fuel is necessary! Check out this video blog on how I fuel for runs over 4 miles! Gluten, lactose free, non-GMO, plant based high quality fuel that actually works! Enjoy! Want to learn more about Shaklee? Click here!

Movement for Healing

Have you ever had local anesthetics for dental work such as fillings or crowns? Over the years – I’ve had more than I care to remember, and every time I get increasingly more frustrated with the numb, limp feeling that last inescapably hours longer than the procedure itself. I finally asked my dentist if there … More Movement for Healing

Simple Hydration

As we stand firm in grips of freezing temperatures across the country, it may feel odd that I choose now to talk about hydration. Drinking a big glass of cold water just doesn’t sound refreshing in sub 20-degree temps. Nevertheless, it is just as important now as any other time of the year and fundamental … More Simple Hydration