Baked Falafel

I’m on a mission, these days, to find easy yet creative ways to introduce not just more vegetables, but vegetable based protein meals. In other words – I’m looking for vegan options that won’t have my meat loving family wincing as they approach the dinner table. Falafel, a traditional Middle Eastern food, is an interesting … More Baked Falafel

Fresh Avocado Salsa

I can remember the first time I saw an avocado. My 10-year-old self was repulsed by the creamy green visual. I scoffed and asked – “who would eat that, on purpose?” Uhhh… ME! (several years later) There are countless ways to eat an avocado – but this chunky avocado salsa has become my go to … More Fresh Avocado Salsa

Tasty Bone Broth

After being introduced to home-made bone broth by a friend many years ago, it quickly became my go to for soup and chili base, rice, quinoa and any other dish that calls for broth or water. Bone Broth is a simple, cheap and easy to customize staple in homes across every culture and over every … More Tasty Bone Broth

Curry Up And Try This!

Just before my husband, Erik, and I started dating, he was privileged to have spent several months living in Southern India teaching a Swamiji conversational English through experiencing day to day life together. This Swamiji is a religious leader who truly set aside all worldly pursuits devoting himself completely to highest spiritual realization and service … More Curry Up And Try This!

Pre Workout Fuel

When running or working out longer than 45 minutes, pre-workout fuel is necessary! Check out this video blog on how I fuel for runs over 4 miles! Gluten, lactose free, non-GMO, plant based high quality fuel that actually works! Enjoy! Want to learn more about Shaklee? Click here!