Road Tripping with Food Allergies

Like most people, I can remember taking long road trips to various summer vacation destinations. My brothers and I loved the drive… not just because of the excitement for a vacation; but because of the fun scenic routes my parents took and the awesome ‘road games’ my mom would put together to keep us occupied on the 10+ hour drive.

Today, with the all the personal computing devices and apps, planning the trip has become more streamlined. And thank goodness… because taking a road trip with food allergies means limitations on what or where we can eat, especially once you get into more rural areas of the country. Planning has moved from games to occupy the family over to food to keep everyone comfortable and healthy for the fun ahead. While food allergies have come a LONG way… we’re just still not there for all things. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to plan, prepare and pack all our road trip meals and snacks.

Now every trip is different… some times its sandwiches, leftovers from the night before or even salads. But these recipes below seem to rise to the top because they are surprisingly easy, can be quickly tailored to suit any diet or preference and are great for maintaining energy levels without causing any post meal slumps (sleepiness or grouchiness).

Don’t be afraid to omit or add. Make it fun – and keep trying till you get it right!



Lunchmeat Sushi

This nutrient and mineral dense treat is highly customizable and supereasy to make. No rolling mat needed! We’ll roll the rice on the inside of the nori to make it more ‘car friendly’.

10 sheets of sushi nori (most supermarkets will have it)
1.5 cups of Sushi Rice or sticky rice
Honey Mustard
1 avocado thinly sliced
1 bell pepper (any color) thinly sliced
¾ lbs lunch meat

Cook rice according to package directions and let cool for 5-8 minutes. While rice is cooking, prep your veggies and meat. Be sure slices are not bulky (this will keep the role from sealing). Lay sushi sheets out on flat surface and place about 2 large spoonful’s of rice on each sheet. Dip your hands into a bowl of water and pat down a thin layer of rice leaving about an inch of open nori on one side (this will seal the wrap). Arrange the veggies and meat in one line on the bottom ½ (opposite the 1 inch open nori). Squeeze thin line of honey mustard on top of filling and roll from bottom up (see picture). Slice with a sharp knife and serve immediately or keep cold and serve within 6-8 hours.


Brain Boosting Trail Mix

Store bought trail mix tends to be too salty, too sugary or too expensive. Making “semi-homemade” trail mix allows me to customize with nuts and fillers we like
for a fraction of the cost. This is a slightly modified recipe I got from a friend. My favorite part is the use of Goji Berries. The Goji berry is an amazing super fruit linked to healthy skin, immune system and even eye health. Sounds like a perfect addition for a road trip trail mix!








8oz of mixed nuts (I prefer to use raw nuts)
½ cup Goji berries
½ cup Coconut flakes
½ cup raw pumpkin seeds
1/3 cup Enjoy Life dark chocolate morsels (or any other dairy free chocolate you prefer)

Mix all ingredients and place in a sealed container.

Anti-Inflammatory Sunflower Seed Dip

Sitting for long periods of time can cause inflammation, among other things. I love this dip because sunflower seeds have some amazing qualities, most notably – it’s an anti-inflammatory seed. Couple this dip with fresh cut veggies for a double whammy of goodness!

2/3 cup raw sunflower seeds, soaked for 8 hours
1 large celery rib
1 clove of garlic (it’s just as good without!)
2 tsp dried onion powder
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp cumin powder
pinch cayenne
¼ sea salt
1 lemon, zest and juice
¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
Veggies, crackers or pretzels for dipping
Celery, carrots, peppers and cucumbers are fantastic

Drain sunflower seeds and place seeds, celery and spices, lemon and oil in food processor or blender. Blend well scrapping sides as needed.



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