Core Nutrition

In our increasingly fast paced world where work, school, sports, church and countless other commitments fill majority of our waking hours – its no wonder why folks increasingly turn to fast, processed or all in one meals. This new normal is causing more problems than we may even understand.

Check out this video blog post for more…


 So now what?
1:  Take and honest look at what you eat. How much is home made vs restaurant bought? How much is prepackaged vs from scratch? What drinks are you consuming? Look at the ingredients… know what you are eating.
2: Commit to reduce the junk. If you eat fast-food 3x a week – only go 3x per month. If you drink a soda a day, commit to 3 a week.
3: Begin making meals at home. Pinterest or Google recipes, start simple. Focus on more fruits, vegetables and lean quality meats.
4: Find quality supplements to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet. My family trusts Shaklee and we all take multivitamins, b complex, omgas and a probiotic. Not all products are created equally… so I encourage you to investigate the brand before committing!!
This can be a confusing and overwhelming, at times. Be kind to yourself as mistakes happen and offer rewards for (i.e. glass of wine or piece of dark chocolate) for multiple days of success. And keep in mind – life is a journey, not a destination… so trust and even find enjoyment, in the process.

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