Shaklee Powered

One beautiful late summer afternoon, I was looking for a challenge and decided to convince my husband that running a marathon together would be loads of fun. For some crazy reason, he agreed and before we could change our minds – we found a spring race and signed up. Since that day, we have often times wondered “what the heck were we thinking!” Both of us have run marathons in the past. We’ve felt the victory and pain of race day… and yet, we were ready to do it again. Truth be told, its the training that we love.

Training for physical endurance event (such as a marathon) is very similar to training for any major life event. The key to success is establishing a plan, gathering input from others who have traveled the same journey, testing the plan and tweaking it as you find what works and what doesn’t. It will require a substantial amount of self awareness and dedication.

We know, from past events, that well balance nutrition through clean eating and quality shaklee_logo_green-187133803_stdsupplements makes for enjoyable training and successful race day. Neither of us have
broken the 4:15 barrier. But then neither of us have trained while using Shaklee Supplements and Sports Nutrition, till now. The same 1oo% safe, pure, and effective
nutrition that explorers, astronauts and hundreds of elite and olympic athletes have trusted to give them the healthy edge needed for competition/performance is what we have chosen to fuel us. In the short 3 month leading to the 19 week traditional training period for a marathon, we’ve managed to shave 15 seconds off our per mile pace. A HUGE accomplishment for 10+ mile runs.

I’ll journal our success and failures here… and if you have any questions – do let me know! While everyone is different, learning from each other is what makes us better!!

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