Movement for Healing

Have you ever had local anesthetics for dental work such as fillings or crowns? Over the years – I’ve had more than I care to remember, and every time I get increasingly more frustrated with the numb, limp feeling that last inescapably hours longer than the procedure itself. I finally asked my dentist if there was anything to speed the recovery and much to my surprise – he told me to go for a walk. By engaging in physical activity, the numbness caused by anesthetics will dissipate as the blood carries it away from the injection site.   Of course!

As we move our blood moves quicker , flushing toxins through sweat, urine and even breathing. The opposite occurs as well… blood brings oxygen and nutrients in for healing. Studies have even shown movement to reduce inflammation, a basic underlying cause of most chronic diseases. This fundamental fact underscores the importance of movement as a mechanism for healing. Movement provides a boost in circulation, increase in bone density and muscle strength, increased flexibility and so much more!

After years of eating foods that harm our bodies (allergies or sensitivities), over processes and minimally organic foods – it became obvious to me daily movement, in addition food, daily supplementation and sleep, was necessary for my families health.

The type of movement you choose will be specific to your fitness and ability level. But here are 5 tips to making movement a lifestyle:

  1. Find a Partner: You are much more likely to cancel plans with yourself than you are with a friend who is counting on you! Not only that… but hanging with your friends is fun!
  2. Make a Plan: Look at your day, week or even month. When can you weave in movement? Just as important – make a plan for how to handle setbacks. Life is messy, committing to reschedules vs cancelations is one way to handle a setback. And start now… don’t wait till Monday!
  3. Start small: If you’ve never run a 5k, don’t commit to a marathon. Be realistic and give yourself achievable goals while your forming the habit. If you are already walking 3x a week – start doing it 5x a week.
  4. Prioritize Movement: Turn off the TV, put down the device and make time to move! Action speak much louder than your complaints!
  5. Love Yourself: Approach everything you do from a place of compassion. Don’t beat yourself up for what is in the past – outside of learning from a mistake, there is nothing you can do to change the past! Love yourself enough to move past this point and start making changes towards the future!

Commit to the change, don’t just talk about it!!

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