Nut Butter Energy Balls

I know… I know… an energy, protein, fill you up with goodness quickly recipe. Everyone does these! You’re probably right. But I’m doing it anyway because these things are fantastic in a pinch, quick to make and absolutely perfect anywhere, any time. What’s more –  you can make these things into what you want. Whether you’re feeling nutty, fruity or sweet; you’ll find happiness here!


Let me tell you… planning for a weekend hiking trip is usually fairly simple. Back packs, sleeping bags, tents, mess kits, water bottles, etc. The tricky part is meal planning. We recently all went on hiking trips, but in different direction.  Boys went with scouts and parents went with friends.  So naturally – I’m looking for calories, high protein, punch of energy that tastes good and will sustain the hiker and avoid the dreaded bonk (a quick drain in energy where hangry (hungry/angry) sets in ).  Something small and packs well. These little treasures gave me piece of mind knowing everyone had a safe, allergen free snack.

Look at this recipe as a guide, substituting nut butters, spices and fillings that you like. Try adding seeds, nuts or dried berries. This is my base. I’ll add or omit ingredients based on season and preferences. The are great for after school snacks as well!


1 ½ cup Rolled Oats
½ cup    Peanut butter (choose any nut butters you like)
½ cup    Raw Honey
½ cup    Dairy free, soy free chocolate chips (we like Enjoy Life chips)
2 TBSP   Chia seeds
⅓ cup    Coconut flakes
½ cup    ground Flax
1 tsp      cinnamon
1 tsp      Vanilla Extract
dash of salt

EnergyBallsPlace all ingredients into a bowl and combine well. Use a spoon or melon baller to form balls. It will be very sticky. Keep a bowl of water close, dipping your fingers to keep moist. This will help prevent the batter from sticking as you form the balls.

Refrigerate for a couple hours and enjoy!

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