6 Quick Tips to Set Goals and Achieve Dreams

Having dreams and setting goals has provided a positive outlet throughout my life. Its helped me look past tough situation, conquer fear and prove to my self that strength comes from within. But my favorite part of dreaming… is looking at the person I become in order to achieve my goal… that’s the real benefit! Having … More 6 Quick Tips to Set Goals and Achieve Dreams

Grilled Tofu and Zucchini with Basil Pesto

Tofu has such an interesting texture… it’s like a quiche or cooked scrambled egg, but is actually bean curd from coagulated soybeans. Yes soybeans… and before you dismiss the recipe because you’ve read soy is terrible, hear me out. Soy is the perfect plant-based protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids. It is full … More Grilled Tofu and Zucchini with Basil Pesto

Herb-Crusted Chicken

  Like virtually all leafy green plants, herbs are power packed, nutrient dense foods. I love to sprinkle parsley & mint on my salads, cilantro on homemade salsa and all the above into green smoothies for breakfast (different post!). Today… we’re going to use fresh parsley, rosemary, thyme and sage in a mixture to top … More Herb-Crusted Chicken

6 Ways to Manage Stress – Naturally

Stress is a natural part of life. Although these days – in a world with long commutes, increasing work load, financial worries and countless family obligations – stress is a daily visitor. And if you have lived with diet restrictions (dairy, gluten, soy, vegan, vegetarian, paleo or anything else), heck – if you’ve considered switching … More 6 Ways to Manage Stress – Naturally

Baked Falafel

I’m on a mission, these days, to find easy yet creative ways to introduce not just more vegetables, but vegetable based protein meals. In other words – I’m looking for vegan options that won’t have my meat loving family wincing as they approach the dinner table. Falafel, a traditional Middle Eastern food, is an interesting … More Baked Falafel